Honing My Psychic Gift with Kaylee’s Ghost


Last week I attended an author reading of Kaylee’s Ghost (RJS BOOKS), a multi-generational story about forgiveness, letting go and discovering who we are meant to be, no matter how unusual.

I always try to support authors like Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, who is promoting the ongoing adventures of Miriam the Medium (her first novel, published by Simon & Schuster, and also the central character in her latest novel) at quaint, personal events hosted by friends and fans. This cozy gathering of smart, savvy women was hosted by Tony-nominated Broadway producer Susan Rose and author and love coach Robin Gorman Newman, at Susan’s beautiful East Side home. And I have to say, I’ve never been to a book reading like this one.


Rochelle Jewel Shapiro reads from her 1st generation Kindle 

After mingling over delicious hors d’oeuvres including chicken wings (nice touch!) and wine, we gathered round  to hear Rochelle tell us about her story—and her story. You see, like the heroine of her novels, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro is a psychic. When asked, how can a psychic be a writer? her response is:

“Visions and impressions arise the same way in a psychic reading as it does when you write fiction. You see things, hear things, smell them, even taste them in your imagination first. One skill feeds the other.

To prove her point, she conducted a session that encouraged—even taught— all of us how to uncover our own psychic gifts. It was a great follow up to a particularly endearing section of Kaylee’s Ghost that she read to us in which Miriam tries to explain to her daughter, Cara, why she shouldn’t disavow any psychic leanings of her own daughter, Violet, as Cara is over the psychic thing having grown up surrounded by its influence. Mostly, Rochelle was preparing us to be open for what was to come.


Open I was! After a short meditation to get us all relaxed and into psychic mode, I stepped up to the hot seat. The task for the group then was very simple—to let whatever words or ideas popped into their heads, no matter how silly or inappropriate it may seem, come out. I really didn’t have to do anything except listen to the words of the crowd and form a connection to anything about me or going on for me, past, present or future.

We were just getting warmed up, evidently, as a few words resonated, but nothing truly “a ha.” The “a ha” part came next.


Psychic training session in progress

Marge McGowan, a certified personnel consultant and professional networker, took the hot seat next and closed her eyes to let the energy of the group in. Now, it was my turn to see what messages from the beyond would come to me. I called out a few seemingly random, disconnected words—I really wanted to go with it and see if I could tap into anything. Words like “purple,” “butterflies,” “New Jersey,” and “heart.” On “butterflies,” I saw Marge’s eyes flutter (no pun intended) and I knew I had hit upon something. My friend Karen, who was sitting next to me, chimed in with “brother.” 


Photo: ardastadar via Flicker

Marge went on to share that butterflies have always been a profound symbol in her life. She even wrote a short story about her family using butterflies the theme. Living on the 34th floor of a high-rise in Manhattan is not some place you would expect to see a butterfly on a regular basis, but Marge does. She captured the image on camera once and hung the picture on her wall. She believes it is a reminder of her sister, who she lost some years ago to cancer. 


Photo:  Purple Healing Art by Jeannie Atwater Jordan Allen

The color purple has always symbolized healing for Marge. She wore it proudly during her own health scares and encourages others to do the same. “Wear purple. And believe in it,” she says. And, it turns out she has a brother who lives in New Jersey with a serious heart condition, so she’s been spending a lot of time there. If the hair on your arms just stood up, you know how I felt upon hearing Marge share her connections to our words.

The effects of the evening still continue on. Because of all the memories stirred up for Marge that night, she is committed to finishing a memoir of her life recounting the tales of her family relationships, and also of working with Jerry Rubin, the 60’s activist turned 80’s networking promoter at the famed Palladium nightclub in Manhattan. “If I hadn’t attended, it wouldn’t have come to the point where I’m bringing it all together,” she says.

One person who wasn’t surprised by the outcome was Rochelle Jewel Shapiro. “It happens all the time,” she said of these sessions. And very often, the results are even more inspiring. 


 Kaylee’s Ghost in cookie form (Photo: Jerry Herman Photography)

To schedule a reading of Kaylee’s Ghost and learn how to discover your inner psychic, visit rochellejewelshapiro.com.

Get your copy of Kaylee’s Ghost on amazon.com.

25 March 2013 ·

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